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The Ojai Leadership Retreat:
* Brings the best of corporate training to the beautiful Ojai Valley in California.
*Teaches key leadership skills to make better business decisions and face
the challenges of the changing work environment.
*Supports the prioritization of the many leadership roles and responsibilities
you have to build trust and confidence with the teams you lead.
The Get Momentum philosophy is to teach you the skills and tools to make it easier to get more of the right things
done. Successful leaders like you continually learn how to manage the overwhelm, remove barriers, and build a
network of productive, effective, self-driven professionals.
Attend the Retreat, and you will:
*Develop personal strategies for organizing projects and tasks.
*Focus on and upgrade the use of your organizational systems.
*Practice effective teamwork and communication process to improve
performance at work and in life.
*Build 3 factors of your professional development: Mindset, Skill Set and
Tool Kit to achieve greater results.
*Have exposure to technology insights that make the tools used in everyday
workflow even more productive.
*Learn how to build an engaging picture of the future by creating your own
personal and professional vision of success.

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