Canon T2i skydiving footage in 720p, 60 fps
Added on 01 Apr 2017
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A couple of experiments on FCP Smoothcam and true slow motion by conforming 60 FPS -> 24 FPS.
The first footage of an air-to-air cameraman was overexposed on purpose to see how well it color graded, since I strongly dislike super dark shadows that lose details. Note that FCP Smoothcam was used at 00:40.
On the second footage of a girl skydiving (00:55, 01:13, 01:23) 60 FPS shot at 720P was conformed to 24 FPS for true slow motion.
The second footage was also intentional overexposed by 1 stop, and color graded. I really like the way details are revealed in the shadows of the girl. Smoothcam also used at 01:22. Smoothcam is a great tool for skydiving footage but it does 'mush' the images a little.
18-55mm kit lens, ISO 100, 1/100, F11.

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