CET Expo 2014 Press Conference Opening
Added on 04 May 2017
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2014 CREATIVE EXPO TAIWAN CONCEPT PREVIEW- Co-Curation and Video Production.
As one of the curators for the 2015 Creative Expo Taiwan preview exhibition, our theme "Characteristics of Taiwan" was to showcase quality product in a spatial display that is peculiar to the culture and a vision of the quality lifestyle of contemporary Chinese.
In the center of the exhibition, a 3-part video produced by JL DESIGN entitled "Digital River" was projected continuously onto a floor that was 24 meters in length. The concept of the video was to present our culture through graphic patterns that were a study of the artistic principle of positive and negative spaces used in Chinese calligraphy. Each part revealed patterns that were relevant to an industry and they were technology, crafts and fashion. The weaving of black and white lines, dots and perspectives produced patterns of a culture and a way of living that will never cease.

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