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Conditioning and Desensitizing Dogs to Cameras
Added on 17 May 2017
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In the video you'll see my short session with Willow, our fearful foster pup. We had two prior sessions before this video was taken, so I am moving a little faster, because she is a bit more comfortable. We are working in an environment she feels happy and comfortable in (our bedroom) and you'll notice the room is very quiet and I am barely whispering anything other than "good girl"; reason being I know Willow can get overwhelmed with too much noise, it is not just the camera itself but the sound of the shutter I want to get her comfortable with, and I want to make sure our training session is short, sweet and above all else, positive.
Today, Willow is fully desensitized to the camera and gets excited upon seeing it, because it always means "yummies!"

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