Controlling an assumed dialogue
Added on 29 Apr 2017
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Actually, what the television industry means when it talks about interactivity, is a way of controlling and making money from an assumed dialogue between you and the consumer. And I think that's the least interesting and most limiting of all possible meanings of the word. True interactivity, that is to say a dialogue that happens between two equal parties, is certainly something that the television industry doesn't want at the moment. But that is, seems to me, where the future is headed and where the really interesting change in the current dynamics will occur. When I talk about- when I, as a television executive talk about interactivity- really what I mean is: 'How do I get the audience to pay to talk to me', and 'How do I respond in as limited a way to the dialogue between us'. What we really mean by interaction, is an open, a 100-percent open dialogue between equals. That is where the technology and the use of technology is leading us. That's what's interesting.

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