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Dube: Technology as faithful servant
Added on 03 May 2017
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What impact is this going to have on humans? My question to you would be: Think about what happened to the person who used to drive the horse carriages, much before the cars came in? Technology is going to be, and IT is, the most faithful servant that mankind would ever have.
Technology, and the autonomous part of what IPsoft is doing, the autonomous research that we are doing, is going to absolve mankind, particularly in IT, of all mundane chores. You tell me one expert who likes to be able to type in the same nut and bolt, day after day after day after day. Technology is going to be the servant that is going to allow them to say: "We will take care of all the chores. We will take out the garbage, we will cook your dinner, we will clean up your floors, so that mankind can focus on higher forms of creative thinking" - something that your company specializes in. Mankind needs to be freed from doing the same chores of typing the same bolts and nuts, and think about higher forms of creativity, which technology cannot today capture.
What can technology capture? Technology can today do: the learning, adaptive learning. So not just being taught, teaching, moving up the cycle to adaptive learning systems, but it can actually move and start touching something that your company specializes in, which is: active reasoning, and technology can start touching that. But creative forms of thinking - it's been very hard for technology today to be able to do that, and mankind will be absolved of mundane chores to be able to concentrate on those higher forms of creativity, while technology can take care of the majority of their chores. Including driving a car, for instance, including flying a plane, for instance. All of those things will be taken care of by technology.

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