Keen: Digital technology - living instantaneously
Added on 05 May 2017
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don't think it's the nature, necessarily, the intrinsic nature, of digital. But digital seems to be speeding up. Email was in a sense disorientating. Suddenly we could communicate instantly with people around the world. But there are more and more disorienting features, or disorientating features, of digital technology. In my first book, 'The Cult of the Amateur', I wrote about the dizzying nature in which professional expertise of authority is being undermined by the amateur. In my new book, 'Digital Vertigo', I talk about the way in which the real-time nature of digital technology, through networks like Twitter and Facebook, means that we're living instantaneously. And in a peculiar way, while the internet doesn't know how to forget, the real-time nature of digital technology means that we don't know how to remember. So it's a peculiar kind of culture we're living in - in one way, we can neither forget nor remember.

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