Olivia’s Dohl Chabee
Added on 22 Apr 2017
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The dohl chabee is a Korean tradition, where a number of items representing a future 'path' are laid out infront of a child during his or her dohl (1st birthday celebration). The child is situated on a mat and crawls to the items on the other end to pick up an item. If the child picks up rice, it 'means' a healthy future. If the child picks up a computer mouse, there's a future in technology, etc.
No one takes the dohl chabee seriously; we don't expect Olivia to become a smart nerd. It's simply a fun, Korean tradition. However, like both of her over-achieving parents who started walking at 8 months, Olivia walked for her dohl chabee, so who knows, maybe she will become a rich nerd!

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