PingTheWorld - The Idea
Added on 29 Apr 2017
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IDEA: We want to create the live, accurate, statistically supported map of the IT world.
GREATNESS: potential global impact with not just creating one product, but this product raising the quality of endless others.
Our idea is to have your own intelligence agency scouting the world of technology for you 24/7 in order to help you to see in real time how these tools evolve. This knowledge means quality software developed worldwide, faster implemented new standards, scalable and safe solutions.
What is great about it is the wide range of uses of it:
- educational benefits in building the curriculum on the latest news. In IT we cannot afford to be 1-2 years behind on the topics taught
- professional guidance
As every field, the deeper you become an expert in a field, the more you loose focus on the rest of the field. This does not need to happen, or if it does, there is no reason why should catching up more than a few minutes of reading.
- making the whole field more accessible for anyone having the slightest interest thus ease the process of becoming a developer
- educated choices in the focus areas of a developer
- educated choices in the software development process
There are only a few to give a taste of the wide possibilities this idea touches on.

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