Pro Skater Dylan Rieder
Added on 22 Apr 2017
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If you were at the Maloof Money Cup, you may have heard how Vern and Clements gave me so much crap over the mic when Dylan Rieder was around because I've had this near obsession type of attraction to his skating for about five years now. Dylan just brought ollie impossible tail grabs into the 21st century, but he did it in a way where if anyone else tries it, they just look like a turd. John Montesi must be shaking his baby cradles while watching this. Amazing. That gap back tail on the blue rail was off the charts, too. I remember when we first met him at Damn Am 2001. He won it and I thought, "He's good, but he's got kind of a gross little kid style." He was only 13 then. After just three years, he got grown man style and became my favorite am, then pro. Hell yah, Dylan.

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