Rammed Earth 3-bedroom house, $140,000
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Students, staff, and the community came together to build Team Dunedin contribution to the Sustainable Habitat Challenge.
Embracing the philosophies of kaitiakitanga (guardianship) and “sweat equity”, Whareuku has created a low-cost, flax-fibre reinforced earthen housing solution for rural Māori communities.
Our scenario for sustainable living is one where the social, cultural and physical needs of all individuals in all communities are met. If these objectives are to be met for present and future generations, the processes and methods implemented must draw on the concept of kaitiakitanga (sustainability and guardianship).
• Designs that required a minimum of input by professional engineers
• A design-life of six generations or 150 years
• Construction technology that is readily able to be adopted by a non-technical workforce
• Construction technology not overly dependent on large complex machinery
• Low cost easily transferable construction technology
* $140,000
* shac.org.nz/group/bach101
* shac.org.nz/page/publications-2009
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