Sleeping with Diaphanous
Added on 03 May 2017
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"Sleeping with Diaphanous," is a play that explores the fine line between the real world and the one we create while we're asleep through a cast of characters who can no longer decipher between the two.
The inspiration for this play came to my writing partner Fernando, fittingly enough in a dream, and we started writing "Diaphanous" in our living room in Bushwick, Brooklyn three years ago. We couldn't have anticipated at the time that it would lead us here–to Kickstarter and ultimately to the point of staging our play later this year.
To do this, though, we need your help.
With "Diaphanous," our aim is to bring life not only to these characters, who have lived with us for the past three year, but also to venues in New York City that have a difficult time staying afloat as independent art houses.
We are seeking funds to help build a theatrical extravaganza using pop-up sets and 3D hologram images to create an adaptation of contemporary theatre, which juxtaposes the minimalism of the venues with the complexity of the visual arts. By using advanced holograms with traditional forms of entertainment, we are bridging the gap between the imagination and the future of technology.

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