Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time - West Train Start
Added on 03 May 2017
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As the Lead Animator on Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time I had the opportunity to lead and direct both in game animations and boss fights as well as direct the real time Cinematics for the game. This was a three year project in which I was involved in developing the Animation Style for the game; establish the Animation pipeline for in game as well as Cinematics. Work with engineers to construct the character AI system as well as an efficient tools scheme for the animators to be able to concentrate on bringing their talents to the forefront of the game. I made a point to keep animating as much as I could on the project and literally I blocked out and prepared most of the two hour cinematics in the game for in house and outsourcing talent to animate. This video is a good example of how cinematics and in game animations are intertwined. I personally blocked out both cinematics in this sequence and passed the files to the amazing animators on our team - Travis Howe who animated the opening Cinematic, Bob Jeffery who animated the end Cinematic, Chris Magovern and Travis who animated the Hippo and Michael Midlock who animated the Rats.

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