technology is means, not goal
Added on 04 May 2017
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Technology is treated in an almost neutral way by cultural creatives. That is, it is an enabler of what they want to do, but they are not the geeks who love the technology for its own sake. So they were actually a little slower to adopt the internet, because a lot of them said, “Well, it is cold.” We asked them what they meant by “cold”. “It is not emotionally available”, and the women who were in the room would say, “Those websites were made up by the kind of guys I would not go out with in high school college and I am not going out with them now either.” That sense of the purple and green colors to grab your eyeballs does not do it for them at all. One of the things that we saw with technology, is that once they do pick up on it, they are likely to use it in new and creative ways, but not because they love the technology, but because they see a better way of getting something done.So if you think of the big protests in Seattle against the World Trade Organization. The people who organized those protests did it in one tenth of the time with one tenth of the cost using the internet. Did they do it because they love the internet? No. It just made things drastically cheaper to coordinate 20 different kinds of movement groups who made up the peaceful protest in Seattle.

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